Some questions always come up again. We have answered frequently asked questions and answered:


Please click Login at the top right edge to open the page. Click Register here and input your information. Registration is nonbinding. After registering, you can initiate the process to participate.

You need to register to plan thoroughly, because there are numerous decisions to be made based on loads of information. By registering, you have the flexibility to save and compare several participation options, and can edit them later as you wish. Registration is nonbinding!
You must register first before applying for an event. After registering, you can initiate the application process: select a preferred stand, input the information on your company and contact person. Once you are done, check your order and submit the application. 
Once you edit and save your application, the system stores it as a draft, which can be recalled and edited at any time. As soon as you're finished with all the steps, you can submit the application.
You can share a stand with other exhibitors.
Please book online a stand area as main exhibitor and then register the partners as co-exhibitors.
You can only register co-exhibitors, after you have booked a stand area.
If you have transferred data from your previous account, the co-exhibitor application is prefilled with information on the co-exhibitors from the last event.
We process your application at Deutsche Messe.
Then we plan the layout for available stand spaces.
Once this is done, we send a stand confirmation to each exhibitor.
After that you can start ordering services.
Please be patient, because we need to complete the layout planning before we can ship stand confirmations. This may take a while.

Delivery of stand confirmation

If you opted for electronic delivery, we will email you the stand confirmation, hall map/layout, and invoice. This service will significantly shorten processing and delivery of your order documents and invoices.
Stand confirmation documents are sent to exhibitors once we finish planning the hall layout - via the selected delivery method.

Services and orders

You have the option to enter details of your company and products in our Exhibitor Content Management System (ECM). 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to input your data into the ECM.


You will be requested to make an advance payment for services when you receive the stand rental invoice. In the final invoice, this amount will be offset against the actual services used. The final invoice is sent about five weeks after the event is over. 
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