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Important notice

  • Technical services can be ordered from the SMS portal of Landesmesse Stuttgart (https://www.stuttgartmesseserviceportal.de/LMS/web/OBS/Events.aspx). You will receive the access data separately from Landesmesse Stuttgart after your stand confirmation.

  • Use the Online Checklist on the SMS Portal to ensure that you do not miss any ordering dates.

  • Dismantling of stands must not commence before 5.00 p.m. on the last day of the exhibition.

  • Access to the exhibition venue is not controlled at all times. You should therefore insure your materials (stand fittings and exhibits) adequately against theft - also during the set-up and dismantling periods. Further information is available on the SMS Portal under the headings "Exhibition insurance" and "Liability insurance". 

  • According to the Technical Guidelines, stands with a floor area in excess of 30 m² and/or a height in excess of 3.5 m must be approved in advance. The relevant documents must be submitted via the SMS Portal. Landesmesse Stuttgart charges a fee of € 50 for the approval process.

  • Suspensions from the hall ceiling above your stand must be ordered in good time via the SMS Portal. Orders which are submitted later than the deadline stipulated in the Online Checklist will require individual approval. This can result in additional charges. 

  • The German performing rights association GEMA must be notified in all cases if music (live or pre-recorded) is played at your stand. The corresponding fees must be paid. For this purpose go to "GEMA permit" on the SMS Portal.

Important notice

We have been informed that exhibitors participating in our events have been contacted by certain independent third parties. These persons have been dispatching order forms for catalogue entries and other services which at first glance appear to have originated from Deutsche Messe. These companies have not been authorized by Deutsche Messe! Their actions could lead you into contracts lasting for many years and involving high charges! If you have any doubts about services offered, you are advised to contact the event organizer or the project management.
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